our *big plans* for the weekend

morenci loaned me back my newly-non-bearded
husband for another week.

[all is good & well in the world.]

i've assigned us each tasks for the weekend.

myron lee:

*entertain our offspring.
*relax & dvr catch-up.
*prepare your wife food whenever she wants/needs it.
*find the perfect renter. [por favor]

angela michelle:

*work [like mad] on custom projects for a client.
*shower daily.
*grow a baby.

chloe mae:
*be cute.
*potty train yourself.
*take naps.
*be a gem & ditch the binky.

olivia kate:
*kick your mother hourly.
*keep a strong & steady heartbeat.
*take it easy.


[sweet dreams!]


m = michelle said...

Can you people get any cuter? I mean seriosly, dude.

Sassy said...

SERIOUSLY....I agree with m=michelle...can you get any cuter?????? I sure got a cute Christmas card today and I feel SPECIAL...THANK YOU my very cutest friend!

granny said...

May all your dreams come true (and lists get accomplished.)

mademoisellechitchat said...

This pic is precious, Angie! I forgot about those glow in the dark worms!

I hope that Chloe does throw away her binkie soon. My bro was on the bottle until he was 2.5 years old. When he asked our mother to place it in the microwave for him, she said ENOUGH. He was that old and still drinking from those Playtex nurser bottles (with the liner). Those were his bottles of choice. ;)

Kim said...

Sounds like great plans!
Enjoy your weekend and time together♥

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

That last picture is precious. Stop being adorable.

Kaelene said...

You give us all hope in the world, Ang, with your eternally positive attitude! Thank ou for being you!
And, your "girlfrien'" is too cute!!

GarciaGracias said...

I got your enormously cute picture-bearing card yesterday--thanks so much! I am really feeling the Christmas spirit through you!

runningfan said...

My favorite part of this delicious post? Kate. Wow. So cute! If I have a girl (ififififififififif), then I might follow the current trend of borrowing cousin's middle names. :)

HollyOak said...

You make my heart happy! :) And, I may have shed a single tear!

Billie said...

Me too, you always make my heart happy. I was in Mesa last weekend and I thought I should run into you because then I could meet you. That would be awesome... Some day.

Coree Adams said...

Ok so the picture of you and Myron is the best picture I have ever seen of you guys...I LOVE Myron's lips. The picture of Chloe and Myron is so tender...awwwwwwwwwww.