the caliber of sheer {excitement} i have
for baby livy's upcoming arrival
rose about five hundred [more] levels tonight...

when i re-discovered these treasures:

the tiniest/sweetest pair of hand-knitted white baby booties...

lovingly made by my amazing/talented grandma dent.

{and i have many more equally adorable pairs in a varitey of colors.}

not only are they SO CUTE...they never come off.
they are cozy.
and stylin'.
and washable.
and so soft.
and perfect.

and just beyond-special to me,
{because i seriously ADORE my grandma.}

*i can't wait for girlie #2 to sport them everyday of infant-hood.*

finding them tonight reminded me how much i am {obsessed} with tiny-newness fresh from heaven.

i momentarily re-lived all sorts of happy emotions from when chloe was just a miniature waa-waa:

it seems like fer reals {yesterday} that we were wrapping her up like a burrito [hence the above hilarious picture], burping her like a buddha, and just discovering day-by-day the INSANE l-o-v-e that comes with bein' parents.

humbled & blessed are words that can't even begin to describe my feelings on bein' a mom to sweet chlo' & baby liv.

my cup runneth over.

during tonight's holler/claud/angie american idol party {go danny gokey!}...
i busted out & started organizing chloe's old NB-3 month clothes.

c-hop & i took inventory of everything.
{it was enjoyable.}

i plan to wash & press
all 'er little onesies/sleepers/outfits tomorrow.
*so they'll be {like-ish} new.

...and perhaps [sometime soon] go out and purchase {one-or-two} little simple-n-soft things...

[just for our olivia.]


[happy 3 weeks & 1 day 'til we meet!]


Jackie said...

I can't wait to meet ms. olivia! just wondering if some little birdy wanted to leave ms. olivia and her very special mommy somthing, where would this birdy deliver it?? drop me a note and let the birdy know jackie.mccormick@dvusd.org :o)

The Wizzle said...

Have fun! I'm so jealous of you guys all sitting together and going through the baby clothes. I love babies *sigh*.

granny said...

Isn't it funny how those little clothes just ramp up the excitement? Can't.wait.

runningfan said...

So fun! I loved doing that when Ty and Gavin were on the way. As it is, I have what few girly things I own tucked into drawers already. And a couple of showers to look forward to! :)

Kaelene said...

Ang, you are so cute! Your enthusiasm for life is very inspiring! Can't wait to meet your new bundle of joy!

Sassy said...

I am in love with those booties....so flippin' adorable! There is nothing better than a new baby and ALL of it's tiniest things...THE BEST! What a wonderfully cute pic of Chloe!!!

Amanda Jane said...

Those booties are so cute. Somewhere at my Mom's house is a pair of rainbow colored booties that were Annika's that I'm 99.9% sure came from your family. I always wanted to make some when I had girls. I'm so excited for you, two little girls is always better than one. And thanks to that picture I really want a baby burrito!

Beth Curtis said...

eeeck I am so excited!! Look at baby chloe so sweet! I am such a sucker for hand made booties.

Coree Adams said...

I am so beyond excited to hold and see the new addition...I KNOW she will be just as adorable as Chloe was in her little burrito-ness. PS I held a little waa-waa yesterday...SO BAD! I need to not want a baby quite yet. It is oh so hard not to when you get to hold their sweetness and kiss their precious baby cheeks!

cori said...

i wish i could've been there at your idol/baby party.

little chloe a burrito made me smile. so fun.

i am so so happy for you. so happy.

love ya sis.

Kaytie Brown said...

YAY Ang!! I love what itty bitty apparrel does to the heart. She'll be here in .2!!!

Jamie said...

I have to admit I am slightly jealous that you and your lil' girlie cuteness and 3 weeks and 1 day biz! I went through our baby girl clothes and passed them on to a cousin . . . tear! I did see some stinkin' cute boy stuff at Macy's though . . . only 12 weeks and 3 days til Mr Porter will be upon us!!!

Saucy said...

I just stumbled across your blog but seriously, dude! That baby photo of your little Chloe is the CUTEST I have ever seen, of any babe other than my own! Just sweetness in a blankie!

Unknown said...

I can't believe you're only 3 weeks away from having you little girl! How awesome! I'm sorry for the delay in responding your last post, but I kinda abandonened my blog and computer for several weeks... LOL I hope you'll be back in your house and ward soon, and that we can meet your sweet little Olivia.
Enjoy the next few weeks of your pregnancy and best of luck with the delivery!

mademoisellechitchat said...

A part of me is *so* ready for this chapter in my life; however, I *need* to make it to the altar first. ;)

sandalloons40 said...

YIPPEE yahoo! can't wait for the post! I bet your ready!
I love the clothes two. I hope when we become foster parents, perhaps here soon, I get to use those.
have a great time!

The*Evans*Family said...

0-3 month clothes are the best! I just busted out the 3-6 month for little Blake. We need to get together before Olivia arrives!

Ashley said...

Awww, so cute! I need to get into my baby clothes too and organize the 0-3 month ones for my new little girl that will be here in April. Thanks for inspiring me to get moving on that!