love/hate relationship

one of my very favorite things in this whole wide world is:
google reader.

i love that it lists all my blogs in a cute little alphabetical list,
and keeps me updated on which posts i have yet to read.

google reader = my entertainment.

it's so convenient, right there next to my email & all.


[but on the flip side]

google reader makes me lazy.

i LOVE to comment on all-y'alls cute posts,
but you have to click a whole extra two times-ish to get to the actual blog!

and let's be honest:
that's way too much work for me.


anyone know what i'm talkin'about?


Goodmangang said...

I love Google readers as well. It has saved me tons of time. But yes it really stinks because people probably think i never read there blogs any more. But it really saved me. Blogs was suching me in. Now any one I am blog stalking I just add to google reader. Congrats on the new one!

Chelsea said...

I am totally the same way too! I thought I would spend the whole 3 extra seconds clicking to come tell you that :) Your lil girls are just the cutest, sweetest things ever. Good job! :)

katie said...

haha! me too! that's why i never comment on people's blogs anymore. i feel bad, but it saves me so much time to use google reader...


Megan said...

I totally know what you are talking about because I just had to do it right now! :)

Anonymous said...

I completely understand, which is why I never made it to your blog to post a congrats on your new joy until a few minutes ago. Congrats again :)

Ashley said...

YES, I completely agree about all of that! But hey you're doing an awesome job. I hope I'll be blogging as much as you do after my new baby comes!

big.bald.dave said...

I use Mozilla Thunderbird for email, and it is also a fabulous RSS aggregator (aka blog reader). It has the same effect though - I rarely comment anymore because it's so many extra clicks. :)