dear bloggers,

my mom is kind of obsessed with me.

so, just to warn you:
this blogspot might just turn into a shrine of me & my sissy.

have a happy wednesday!



katie said...

Isn't everyone's blogs a shrine to their children?

I think it's perfectly fine that yours may become a shrine. Your children are beautiful (for reals)


granny said...

Love it. Love them. Love you.

Kim said...

She is beautiful!
Chloe is beautiful!
So...I'll keep reading as long as you keep blogging.

How are you doing/feeling?

runningfan said...

That idea is just what this niece-deprived auntie needs! Bring it on!

J-mama said...

Ahh, are you worrying that her skin is going to get chapped from all the kisses? lol Can't get enough of that smell and that soft baby skin!

Jackie said...

Just as long as you post cute pics of the Dunn beauties (including you) I will keep tuning in!!!!

I love the pink too!!

Coree Adams said...

I am loving every gosh darn second of it!!!

Coree Adams said...

I am loving every gosh darn second of it!!!

mademoisellechitchat said...

I love those LIPS!

Unknown said...

Oh how adorable! She looks so much like you this time! Now I think Chloe looked like your hubby and does so much also now.

But, ya know(granny will love this part) some of these new born photos, looks really so much like her and you look like your mom so that makes sense right?
HURRAY for grannies!

p.s. I am stumped, for the google reader, huh??? :)

KP said...

holy cow she is sooooo soooo cute.
i hope my future babies are that cute lol

Sassy said...

Pretty in pink....SHE IS A LITTLE DOLL!!!