my blogger ate my homework

last night i posted a big ol' long web-log.

and then...
random as it may sound,

i woke up this morning,
and it was
vanished forever.

{strange, huh?}

truly i suppose it's
all for the better...

because it {
the blog} was kind of
whiny & woe is me-ish.

...and i'm back to seeing the glass
half full tonight.

i did
post & lose this picture of olivia.

i posted it again for your viewing

*because she's
chubby & cute &

the end.

{happy thursday!}


runningfan said...

I composed a woe-is-me-ish post in my head, too, but decided not to post. Maybe blogger was telling us something! Glad the glass filled up for you. And sorry I'm taking away your support system for a while. By the time she comes back, hopefully I'll have a cute chubby pink thing to make any blog post happy!

P.S. I'm so glad I have the same pink bow in my drawer...otherwise I'd be really jealous.

Marilyn said...

Dang-sorry 'bout that! Chubby baby fat is the BEST to kiss. I'm getting a (grand)baby girl to kiss pretty soon....(two baby boys this fall too!)

Nikki said...

You are so cute.

granny said...

Love that picture. I actually read that post before it lost itself. Haha. I'm glad you are in the upper half of the glass again, but it wasn't that whiny, honest.

joeyship said...

Yes, I saw it as well, and I even commented and told you how fabulous you are! :o) Glad things are looking up.

heather said...

I saw it in my reader. And I didn't think it was whiney nor woe-is-me-ish. I thought it was sweet. AND It's really nice to know that sometimes you get down a little too because it makes a girl feel better about getting down sometimes too. I really liked the way you wrote down your blessings 'cause it's a great reminder on how to make yourself feel better quickly. You're great!

Unknown said...

I read it on my reader as well and you are justified, you were being honest! We all have hard days now and then. You are awesome and you always have the best attitude! You rock :)

P.S. That picture is absolutely adorable!

Kaelene said...

That is one cute baby -- no matter how full that glass may be! Keep on bein' you, girl!!

Nicole and Gene Cope said...

I saw your post yesterday too...but when I went to comment it was gone:(
I am with you sister! I understand!
Have a great weekend...hope to run into soon.

manders said...

mmmm...she is delicious. lucky, lucky you!

Coree Adams said...

She is chubby and cute...and I love her AND her mommy and her big sister!!! HUGS!

rachbechep said...

hey ang...you're awesome! don't forget it!!!!!!!!

Ashley said...

She is adorable! And I hope you have a great weekend too!