we visited the scrapbook store this morning.

and now:

the babies are napping.

my bed is made. {shocker!}

the carpet is vacuumed.

and i am kitting my little heart out.

{life is peaceful in my world today.}

and it feels quite good,
if i do say so myself.

{happy weekend yos.}


Kristen said...

I'm jealous. Even your stack of scrapbooking supplies is cute. Apparently I missed out on that talent and have to rely on MyPublisher for my scrapping needs.

Kim said...

Looks like it's going to be a really cute page. I hope it's for your class so I can make it. Enjoy you weekend with your sweet girls.

granny said...

I miss you!

Unknown said...

oh did you move out? you mom misses you? She won't let you move if you haven't. LOL
Ok, well I went to this huge X-yron sale today as my friend works there and this is open to the public through tomorrow.

I often wonder how they can sell other companies stuff?? Hum, do you know?

just curious.

ok, miss you also as I sure haven't see you at all. Just a peek at the SBE the other time.
I went there myself today. :)
take care

Kaelene said...

Okay - that stuff has all the makings of a DARLING class, I can just feel it! YOU GO GIRL!