carry on, mesa high

My next door neighbor recently tagged me my senior panoramic picture on Facebook.

I haven’t pondered good old Mesa High for a long {long} long time, so it was kind of hilarious to reminisce. I felt shockingly ancient when I had a hard time recalling peeps names. {I am officially old.}

Ya know how people talk about high school being their “glory days?”

Oh how I *SO* beg to differ.

Honest to gosh truth: High school was a relatively happy time for me. I had a super-hysterical small group of friends who I will always be grateful for…who have made me who I am today. We made some awesome cherish-able memories together.

But let me tell ya: I wouldn’t go back, dude.

{Not for a gazzillion dollars.}

Ya know, *unless* it was only for four-point-five minutes, to quickly hijack my size 2 body & wardrobe & return right back to my comfortably-happy 2009.


When I look at the me of yesteryear I see a girl who was a high-caliber of awkward-ness, but stinking happy regardless. She painted her nails everyday to match her eclectic DAV-thrifted outfit. She loved indy rock, shopping the sale rack, creative writing & projects, being very unique/weird, and stressing about fill-in-the-blank until she had an ulcer-ridden-stomach. {Some things never change!} She had very little superficial-confidence, but inside she believed she was special. She had high hopes and aspirations for her life & wouldn’t settle for anything less than a happy ending. She knew her opinions & where she was headed.

But what she didn’t know was:

that perhaps at the same time this photo was being taken, a redheaded 20 year old stranger, was knocking on doors in Tennessee, preparing himself to be a husband & father to her future family.

What she didn’t know was:

that she would one day love this man so much, she'd be a dog-owner for him.

What she didn’t know was:

that two little angels named Chloe & Olivia were smiling down from the heavens with an insane amount of love to give & lessons to teach her.

What she didn’t know was:

that she didn’t know much at all.

She didn’t know the {blessings} that were in store.

She didn’t know the hard stuff either.


But everyday she carries on, learns, doesn’t look back, and counts her lucky stars for all that’s gone down.

She's living her glory days right now...


Unknown said...

memories are always beautiful....

•stephanie• said...

abdul and i are in agreement.
memories ARE beautiful.
but you gotta live/love the NOW, too.
i do recognize a few of those long ago MHS faces.
did you know that i went there too?
it's a super old school!

mademoisellechitchat said...


I started high school 21 years ago; I've been out of high school 17 years now.

I am the one that's old. ;)


mamamuniz said...

I love your post about HS. It was an awkward time for a lot of us! I am just glad that I was not one of those that peaked in HS, always remembering those glory days.

Hey, and I really love how among all those somber faces you have a smile on your face!

granny said...

Great Post Angie! Love you...

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...


i loved this post.

makes you realize a lot.

p.s. -- i wouldn't go back either. never ever ever.

The Roberts Family said...

your so cute! i miss you guys! i hope everyone is feeling good so i get to see you guys at moms :)

The Roberts Family said...

your so cute! i miss you guys! i hope everyone is feeling good so i get to see you guys at moms :)

Marie said...

You're a dog-owner, you love him so much- made my day. It's true love folks!

Just this last week I had a dream where really random people that I hadn't thought about since HS made cameo appearances. Funny stuff.

Love ya!

runningfan said...

Great self-reflection, Sis. Except now I have the Carry On song in my head...and I can't remember the last line! Argh!

Annette said...

You must have such a special mom to make sure that you felt good about yourself (even if it was on the inside)... I wish I had of been able to do that for my girls!

Brandis said...

awww, how sweet. :) It is kind of funny to think back on high school and wonder how you would have been different if you could have had a little peek into the future.

S and B H. said...

I am with ya....you couldn't pay me enough to go back to high school (not even to get my body...cuz quite frankly I didn't like it too much then anyway!haha!) Definitely happy with 2009 also.

Your girls are super cute!!

I really need to take one of your classes again. I need some serious motivation to scrapbook again!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Yeah, I had to go to MHS this last week with Annie to help her find her classes. And you are right, no one should have to go back. Because it's yucky.

Staci said...

I definitely agree! No going back to highschool, nope...loving my life NOW!

You and your girls are adorable!!!

Sara! said...

Small tear! Thanks for helping me remember why I am thankful for every day.

Cassie said...

Man oh man, I couldn't agree with this post more. Perfectly put.