laundry day

i prefer to do a weeks-worth of laundry all in one day.

ps: this *usually never happens.

but today! i was determined.

i don't hate doing laundry.
i actually {kind of} secretly love it.
*if i'm in the mood.

[and today i was.]

laundry is especially entertaining when you have 2 active assistants.
*who LOVE to "fold" and "help."

we collected hangers.
we stripped the sheets off the bed.
we sorted & washed.
we gathered bathroom towels.
we jammed to itunes while we worked.

we let chloe "push the special button"
& dispose of the lint with every load.

{folded piles, fresh out the dryer style, make me happy.}

i had a date with the iron & mr. darcy while my girls slept.

...so husband's sunday clothes and uniforms {or "costumes" as he calls them} are all ready for his cute self.


the final load is currently in the dryer.

and then it can all be put away!



bettina said...

sounds like my day...except for the ironing! I'll do anything not to iron! I love doing laundry, love the way it makes my house smell!

Lisa said...

I'm still laughing at your girls' expressions. That picture is priceless.

It's nice to hear that someone actually like laundry. Not too common.

I would love laundry if it wasn't 4 flights of stairs down in a dungeon basement.

granny said...

Go you, dude. Looks so productive!

runningfan said...

I'm a once-a-week-er, too. You get extra points for ironing SAME DAY!

Macey said...

Quite the day! OK, I have to say since you brought up Mr. Darcy, I watched the whole 6-part series this weekend at my-inlaws (yep, you know them :)) cabin this weekend-I had never seen or read any P&P! I am converted and am now reading the book.

mishalee said...

I think it was Mary Ellen Edmunds who said: insanity is trying to 'finish' the laundry. ;O) If Mr. Darcy is involved, count me in! Nothing like a good wash day, but I too have to be in the mood to get that much done.

Staci said...

I REALLY REALLY need to do the laundry that I have been procrastinating for too long...maybe you have given me the push I need to get it done today. If you can do it with 2 helpers, maybe I can too...

mamamuniz said...

Olivias expression was priceless. I am a once a weeker too! I actually kinda like it that way...

Unknown said...

love the picture of the girls! ha ha! i need to channel your love for doing laundry today... i have tons!!!

Natalie said...

wow i envy you :]] i hate hate hate hate loathe laundry. i love ironing though! haha.