ready to be healthy again

do me a fave,
& cross your fingers
{and perhaps your toes as well}
that livy'll stop coughing soon.

having the common cold when
you're 4 months old
is a rough gig!

[for mamas & babes]

my chloe's feeling better
[bless her energetic heart]

better go.
we're off to the
"cheese crisp store"
aka rio...

*it's taco tuesday.


runningfan said...

I hope you all recover soon!

P.S. Your blog is my favorite, and I miss you!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Can I get this onesie in an adult size? ;)


The Roberts Family said...

the girls are too cute!! im happy they are feeling better!!!

Unknown said...

Fingers and Toes crossed. Prayers sent!!

granny said...

Get better Liv. That's an order from your granny. We need to have FUN when I get home!