olivia scissorhands

apparently {someone} needed their tiny nails clipped.

'cause we woke up to livy + 3 sad scratches on her face,
due to her miniature
razor fingers.

[i know:

chloe saw, and said,

"aw, poor poor grill."

{ps: grill=girl in chloe language.}


sorry livy lou...it won't happen again.


Kaytie Brown said...

Poor girlie. She's still freaking cute though. Brooklyn is almost 4 and still ends up with gouges in her sleep if I don't chop her nails :(

P.S. I miss you!

Kaelene said...

Okay, how cute of a big sis is Chloe? Love them both! ♥

Em said...

Gotta love the language of a toddler! P.S I LOVE the flower on Oliva's headband... where did you get it? Its adorable... perfect compliment to the adorable babe.

runningfan said...

Bummer! That gives me more incentive to cut Lexi's nails. Like right now!

P.S. Our grill is "Lexi Lou." What cute twinner babes we have!

Ashley said...

Seriously, I feel like babies always have such sharp fingernails, even right after I've just cut them!

Annette said...

Only on thing worse... mom trimming the nails and gettin a little finger along with!