tonight's stream of consciousness

haircut and color day

is nirvana to my soul.

{always so refreshing.}

basically granny rocks.

{check out this amazing-ness.}

is livy a redhead or a blondie?

i can’t decide.

the movie penelope sorta reminds me of pushing daises.

{it was charming.}

guess what? we sold our car in five hours yesterday.

*pretty awesome.

i love craigslist.

chloe & deb had a cupcake-making-date this morning.

so cute.

i’ve been busy preparing for nevaeh’s birthday party

slash the roberts’ coed baby shower this weekend.

we are reading potok’s the chosen for book club this month.

{haven’t started, but i’m excited to…}

how do you get a three year old

un-obsessed with sucking her thumb?

{for. the. love.}

guess what? myron is a gem &

i now have four matching/shiny hubcaps.

*gotta love that man.

oh! guess what else?

i’m tired.



mademoisellechitchat said...

Love ya!

The quilt is beautiful. I LOVE Amy Butler fabric

The baby is a blondie (for now).

My aunt is nearly 70, and we believe that she still sucks her thumb while sleeping (she surely was when she first got married). ;)

Your hair looks pretty!

The Wizzle said...

Haircuts are what connects me to reality. Barely.

Craigslist is awesome! We never sold a car quite that fast, but close. I'm thrilled for you!

I'm calling it blonde. For now.

Eve doesn't suck her thumb, but she gnaws on everything.else. The oral fixation, it is strong.

granny said...

Craigslist was also good to me this week!

I'd at least go with strawberry blonde.

Did you sleep at all last night?

Brandis said...

I read that book in high school English. Interesting read with a lot of Jewish terminology that I was unfamiliar with & probably didn't pronounce correctly but still a good book. :)

And I LOVE that fabric!!

Staci at Craftify It ! said...

I LOVE that quilt your mom made! Adorable! Who cares if it is "late"

I will have to see Penelope...looks cute.

We just sold our Rav on Craigslist last week..isn't it GREAT!? What did we do before Craigslist? I have no idea.

Have a great day! Hope you can squeeze in a nap today:)

runningfan said...

Love that book, and the quilt, and your cute girls, and Craigslist!

If you figure out the thumb thing, let me know...Gavin has decided to suck his, too.

I love to see you are blogging regularly again! I've missed your posts! Can I make a request for bedroom pictures (girls and Holly)?

maccam said...

Cute haircut and BEAUTIFUL quilt! What a lucky girl!
Okay- in that picture I think Livy looks blonde- however, in another picture I think her hair does have a little red look so it will be fun to see. But let me tell you- EVERY single one of Mac's friend's 2nd child has had RED HAIR!!!!!! I'm not even kidding so I'm banking on our next little one to be redheaded so I wouldn't be surprised if little Livy's hair gets redder. ;) Love, Cam

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

you make the cutest invites EVER.

and you have the CUTEST baby. love her and i haven't even met her...

and i also LOVE hair cut/color day.

it's bomb.

p.s. -- thank you for your easy taco soup recipe. my husband LOVED it and can't wait for me to make it again. and i am happy because it took me no time to make! so thanks!

Marilyn said...

Ok-I'm dying over this fabric. Where did she buy this Amy Butler stuff. I haven't seen that one yet. It's absolutely delishous!!!

The Roberts Family said...

well you mom is the best!!! it must run in the family! tell her i think she is amazing :)

i love that you got your hair done cuz that means i get to see you :)

as for livy... she is more of a blondie right now but i think she will be strawberry!

i cant thank you enough for all the time that you spent on my CUTE invitations!! your the best

Tanya Leigh said...

Oh my, you barely notice the thumb-sucking with that fantastically beautiful, curly hair! :)