car talk

i drive a camry with three hubcaps.
{and i love her.}

i love her so much,
that yesterday i
[read: danny's family carwash]
gave her a bath...
inside & out style.

i feel like a new woman now that i
don't have ground-up nature valley
granola bars covering the floor of my

and on top of that:

a few weeks ago,
i called aces auto glass
{wink, wink}
to tint her windows.

HOLY what a difference,
is all i have to say!

not only does my girl look better...
it's SO much cooler.
*so. so. so.

if you need your windows tinted...
they have the hottest prices in town.
{just sayin'.}

our boy manny {the installer}
does immaculate work
[and he's so darn nice.]

and if you need a windshield replacement:
get a quote here.
and here's an online coupon for ya!

next item of bi-ness=

my man's car.
{cuter & nicer than mine.}

we love her so much too,
but we don't really need her anymore.

we are selling her to...

i figured i'd advertise her on my blog,
'cause last time we sold this hog in like 2 days.

and if we can sell that gem in two days,
this'll be gone by lunchtime.

here's her stats.

2007 toyota corolla
33,000 miles
salvaged title
fab gas milage...go green, yo.
good condish

{my bff coree adams even did a
little vinyl thingy for me...i love her...}

...call me if you:
a. need a new set of wheels
b. have 7 g's

ps: thanks for reading this
boring post about cars.


Anonymous said...

nice camry car..

granny said...

nothing is boring when you write it.

Emmy Z. said...

Seriously wish I could buy your car. Seriously.

{Adam's Nissan Sentra has terminal cancer and we are trying to lengthen its life with car chemo.}

Unfortunately, the few miles between us (oh, and that whole $7k bit) cause a bit of a problem.


Marilyn said...

We don't have a need for a vehicle these days, since we have the Larsen parking lot at my house but I'm sure loving your daily posts!

Em said...

Um if you can sell this car in 2 days can you sell our truck for us please? We've been trying to sell it for like 3 weeks now :(... We really don't need to own 3 trucks and a car...lol

The Roberts Family said...

i did a link to your blog from my blog... lets get this car sold today :)

Emily Moffat said...

That car looks great! Good luck selling it! Toyotas are really great cars. We've driven Scions and Priuses and I am sold. What a great buy!

The*Evans*Family said...

I don't need a car, but I do need my windows tinted! Email me and let me know a price on that!

VICKI IN AZ said...

What Granny said.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

ahhhhh....i love getting my car washed.

simply the best! :)

good luck selling the car!