the new year is exciting.

i buy a cute new planner {for 6 bucks at walmart} & somehow feel a little fresher just because it’s the first day on the first page.

i usually vow to remember people’s birthdays & never drink pepsi again.

a weight loss regimen is mapped out.

i plan to PLAN ahead.

i always resolve to simplify.

i try.

i fail.

i succeed sometimes.

i live.

life is life.

the good, the bad, the super good & the ugly.

and then comes another new years party.

the planning begins again.

but this time my plan is a little different.

the plan is to not plan.

2010 is all about the present.

livin’ life day to day.

perhaps even second by second.

one foot in front of the other style.

my goal for this year is to

live with the spirit as my guide.

go where he’d want me to go

and be who he’d want me to be.


trying to be who I want me to be is seriously exhausting.

but god knows me better than i know myself.

he’s on my side & he’s much kinder to me than i am to me.

much more forgiving & much more patient.

his gift is the peace that i can’t seem to find after i write a long crazy list of resolutions of what i “should” be.

so this year, my planner is blank.

{and i’m okay with that.}

[i’ll probably forget your birthday; sorry in advance.]

instead of trying to be a certain thing, i’m just giving myself permission to let go & enjoy a new season to breathe, love, be grateful, laugh, screw up, forgive, heal, grow & learn.

*and i'm not giving up pepsi.

{not just yet anyway.}


Stephanie said...

Wow Angie you always say things in such a way that I get it! I agree thats all we can do and he does know us better! Amen! Happy 2010

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

How did you become so wise?

Holly said...

Good job.

granny said...

Holl Doll was logged in...actually that was me saying Good Job.

Megan said...

i totally agree with everything you said! you are ah-mazing!!

runningfan said...

I think we are cut from the same cloth, Sis....especially right now. Here's to a happy 2010!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Don't give up the Pep. Carbonated caffeine is a friend of mine (as well as the kind that drips from a coffee maker).

HAPPY 2010!

Tanya Leigh said...

Lovely, Angie. Happy New Year!

The Wizzle said...

A-freakin-MEN. Happy New Year Angie! One foot in front of the other is the way to go.

Lori said...

Amen - I hear ya sista!! Read my blog . . . I'm making a list that I know I can achieve ~ gain weight, stopping reading from the reading list . . . ha! You have Pepsi - I have Coke. And I agree, I am not giving it up completely. I mean why deprieve myself of happiness? But I am like you. I get giddy buying and "transferring" birthdays and anniversaries on my new calendars.

Amy said...

Love it! here's to a great new year. Love your posts!

amanda p. said...

love it! I might have to control C and paste that in my blog too. Live life. Except I don't like soda. whoops :) Good job!

heather said...

A few years ago I decided to toss the long resolutions lists -and I don't miss them. It's like giving yourself permission to just love & accept who you are as you are. The irony is that last year when I didn't so much as make ONE resolution happened to be a year of significant spiritual growth for me. It also happened that I was able to get myself organized. So -I'm with you.

I love the "trying to be who he'd want me to be 'cause trying to be who I want me to be is seriously exhausting."

Happy 2010!

Kaytie Brown said...

Happy 2010... I didn't get enough Ang... and I'm bummed. Talk later? TTFN

MeL said...

You're cute, no surprise there. Sara told me the other day that her goal this year is to be a happy wife every day, and to that Jason responded, "Then you are not OFF pop." Some of us need it, and thrive on it. :)

sandalloons40 said...

Amen! His way or no way, that is what I always say. If we all just listen to him more then we shall do things his way and then not get into trouble doing things our way. rats, we are only human.
So, therefore you are grounded and one cool chick! Yippee!!!

Sassy said...

Can I just say how thankful I am that I know you???????? You make my life better for being in it....and so does Chloe....I LOVE HER!!!!!!!