baking with children

it's never been my favorite thing-
ya know: baking with children.

call me horrible.
{go ahead}

the flour everywhere,
the insisting on cracking the eggs & then not knowing if a piece of shell fell in,
the germy licking of fingers,
the constant,
"let me do it, let me do it, let me do it."
even though you.are.letting.them.do.it!

*it's just not my corner of fun, ya know?

chloe wanted to make cookies.
and i love her.

{so we did.}

and we really enjoyed ourselves.
[didn't we chlo'?]

that is:
until we realized we had no vanilla or baking soda.
{small details.}

[daddy to the rescue!]

after myron ran to fry's we finished.

....and chloe licked the beaters clean.

it was happy.


cori said...

corner of fun. bwahhahaha. i love you and your sticky fingers.

i made cookies today too.

the pumpkin choc chip 3 ingredients one.

your awesome!

and i miss you.

love, cori

reddladybug said...

happy indeed.

runningfan said...

Whenever my kids help with cookies, we eat way more dough than we should. That's my favorite part.

Annie said...

I would want to make cookies just so I could wear the ADORABLE apron! So cute...

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Ditto on the adorable apron!

granny said...

I'll bet your baking soda and vanilla are in my cupboard. Sorry. You are an angel...baking with kids can be...less than fun.

The Wizzle said...

I also hate baking with children. Cooking with them, too. I try to hide it, but knowing me I probably don't succeed very well!

Beth Curtis said...

so cute. I kinda feel the same way. I am not THAT bad of a person :)

Britney said...

chloe has worlds cutest apron. for real. love it. and now i'm craving home baked cookies...

Laura said...

I don't really know you, I found your blog, through a blog, through a blog...ya know?? Anyway, I have a 6 year old and I feel the exact same way about baking with her. I don't want to be a bad mom, but sometimes I get a little crazy...
Don't feel bad!! :)

scrapmom4 said...

Baking with kids is an exercise in patience, that's for sure. And it takes way longer. But most of the time it's so worth it!

sandalloons40 said...

oh wow, that is incredible!
I just wanted to say I need that kitchen aide please but, I would love the color red please? LOL
then I also wanted to know that I bake like a crazy fool all the time with ducks eggs and just giving you a little hint. I break my eggs in the glass measuring cup, first. As I always have a egg shell(duck) one fall in and now I catch them.
I ♥ your baking Chloe! :)

Natalie said...

awhh this post is great! i love baking, and i have no children. alas, egg-shell free!

however, my baby seeester likes to bake. but that's what break-and-bakes are for. they're five year-old savvy =]

angie, you're too cute for words.

kacee said...

Chloe looks so cute in her apron!

Paislee adores any sort of cooking/baking. She drops whatever she is doing and pulls up a step-stool and gets right in the middle of it. It was extremely annoying at first but my little sidekick has kinda grown on me!

Happy baking!

Kaytie Brown said...

SO not horrible... "even though you.are.letting.them.do.it!" Funny funny truth. :) And then when there are 2 "helping" hands you add a "My turn, my turn, MY turn!" to the mix :) I miss ya

Dallas said...

love the apron......but am really DIGGIN' the foot stool!!!! and the BIG letters! and CHLOE most especially!!!!