yes i know heavenly father loves me

i'm in one of those moods,
ya know-
where the sun is shining bright,
my heart is over flowing with gratitude,
& this fave is playing on repeat in my mind.

i love moments like these when it all becomes so clear...

life is so imperfectly beautiful.


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

i love all your bits of testimony on here ang! and...i love your necklace :)

runningfan said...

I'm happy your Angie heart is happy! Stunning video, by the way. I love it!

Lisa said...

I love you Angie Dunn.
Lisa Redhouse

angiedunn said...

thanks heidi & brit....and lisa, i love you too, soooo much. you guys made my day.

Unknown said...

♥ ♥ ♥ you girlie.......so glad I can say you are my friend!!!!!!