feels like home

as aforementioned,

our nomadic adventure has continued.

we have moved out of my parents' abode,

into a nearby casa.

it is ever-so charming.

the coziest of the cozy.

i am in love.

barbie & popeye

[known as {audrey & cole} to some]


offered up their rental property

to us for a time.

since we still have tenants

residing in our houses,

we took up the opportunity.

we spent a week moving in.

we are here.

we are happy.

we don’t know for how long.

but for right now it feels like home.

and for as long as it lasts...

{two weeks? two months? two years?}

....we will be full *to the brim*

with gratitude.


mademoisellechitchat said...

Congrats, Ang! ;)

Lori said...


runningfan said...

Yo go girl!

granny said...

Be so happy!

P.S. We miss you.

Laura Blue said...

that's nice of them. looks cozy!

The Roberts Family said...

i need to come see it! you have it all cute!!! just like everything you do... its perfect!!! :)

Tanya Leigh said...

Happy day! You have made it beautifully yours already! Congrats. You have a gift.

Enjoy! Our "2 weeks? 2 months?" HAS turned into 2 years! It's a good feeling. I call it "Question Mark Land" ... gotta love it! :)

sandalloons40 said...

that is so cute of a story. you know makes me laugh. You rented out two houses and your living in a rental. LOL Your are the funniest women ever! My juan often though about renting out our casa but, we were unsure if we really wanted to or not. Sometimes you are Blessed with the best tenants and sometimes like my grandma's old house that had glass door knobs and had the Ivory soap, baking goods smells all the time, had some bad renters. Burnt holes in the couch, etc.
She had the cutest yellow house and white trim and you had to go up the stairs past the 100's of rose bushes that fragranced the air with oh my goodness.
I love it though and it sold as she passed away in 1999, 5 days before our wedding!