goodbye dixon suite #5

our little family kicked off the new year in a new house.

*yep, we moved.

i’ll have more to share about that, but {this post} is dedicated to where we’ve hung our hats & hearts the past 12 months. dixon suite #5, AKA the fifth bedroom of my parents’ house.

there are many things i’ll miss about living there. i could name a million. leaving was bittersweet.

what i’ll miss most are the three humans that reside there. gramp's willingness & testimony. granny’s charity & hilarity. holly’s friendship & encouragement. they {really} are the best.

i’ll miss holl’s amazingness on the piano, singing all my ingrid, regina, & vanessa faves. i’ll miss her popcorn skillz & late night movie tradish. i’ll miss her telling me about school, friends, etc.

i’ll miss gramps’ kind heart & adorableness when he chills in the playroom with chloe. i’ll miss listening to his smartness on conference calls. i’ll miss his daily example.

i’ll miss late nights & afternoons talking to my mom about everything. i'll miss her wisdom at a moment's notice. i’ll miss the feeling in her home that she creates.

last year was definitely a year of growth for me. {and by growth i mean crazy.} i had a lot to deal with & i thank the lord everyday that i’ve been given a family & husband that are equipped to handle my drama. it’s always such a testimony to me that god knows me personally.

he knows what i need.

thanks mom, dad & holly. thanks for being patient with our loudness, messiness, and pepsi addictions.

we miss you already.

but, let’s get real. we live a mile away.....wanna do lunch?


The Wizzle said...

Yay! It's going to be a good year for you guys, I can feel it!

runningfan said...

I wanna do lunch!

Ah, Dixon Suite #5...my former abode! And now Bob will live there. Pretty weird, actually. :)

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

Yay for a new house and new experiences!

Staci said...

Fun, can't wait to hear more about the move!

That is awesome that you loved living with your family so much! Great families are the best!

cori said...

thanks for the email.

i love your sentiments about your family! it warmed my heart like crazy.

i can relate to the same sorta feelings about mine. that is why i love ya. i just get those warm fuzzy's every time.

give my love to your awesomish mom, dad, sisters, brothers, etc...someday we will play!

remember that one time...mark helped me? i just love you all!

Amy said...

Yay for space but i totally feel you with the missing family.
loveing your blog as always!

Unknown said...

oh so you moved. Back to the same Gilbert casa? no you moved 1 mile away. LOL
I am cracking myself up guessing, you life A to Z. LOL
Ok, so I know what you mean, you truly are Blessed with great parents. lucky you!
May this new place where ever you are bring you peace, joy and happiness!
P.s. Where do you do lunch?

The Roberts Family said...

i can understand the bittersweet! im happy this year is looking up for you guys! your family deserve it!!!

rachbechep said...

:) yay.
can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

We lived with my parents for almost two years, during which time my Jessica was born. I'm so glad I had that time with them - esp now that my mom has passed away. Some peeps can do it.. live with their parents.. and some cant.. glad you had that experience!

Lori said...

Now you need to work at repeating what you've been taught. Don't have a house - anybody can buy and live in a house. You need to do exactly what your parents did and make that house into a home. Learn Angie from example and incorporate those wonderful memories and feelings for your little girls. Someday we'll be reading their blogs and their comments about their adoring mother!

Laura Blue said...

i know what you mean by saying it was bitter sweet. i can't wait to move also, but there are things i'm going to miss. I'm SUPER excited for you guys to be in your own place again!

Sassy said...

I love your way with words my cute friend.....your parents sound like the most awesomest role models.......you are so lucky to have them.......and they you and your adorable fam!!!!!