houston, we have a table.

when we moved here a month-ish ago,
we realized...
oh, awesome!
we don't have a kitchen table.
[it's still living @ our
home with our tenant]

so we bought a cute little seventies wood one
on craigslist for 60 bucks.

myron did a little repair work
to make it sturdier.

it came with 2 chairs
of which i covered in some
fun fabric.

it's charming-ness
can be a round,
or you can enlarge it
times 2 leaves.

since we only had two chairs,
i temporarily busted out the
old&gold folding chairs
from the garage.

sue me, but i think they're cute
& i'm keeping them here.

*their simplicity & free-ness
makes me happy.

eating family dinner is now
an option.

i'm thrilled.


Coree Adams said...

LOVE IT! Maybe Myron should help Bryan re-finish our kitchen table cuz it's GROSS!!! And YOU should help me recover my chairs! How do you know how to do this stuff? Geez!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Cute! I am looking forward to seeing you make some place mats, oh crafty diva.


Amy said...

Super cute!

The Wizzle said...

It looks just fabulous. Craigslist is so dear to my heart, I have scored many awesome furniture deals there and I'm sure there will be many more.

So, covering chairs is not hard? It's a project I have had on my "list" (oh, that list!) for quite awhile now but I am afraid it will be harder than they always make it look on HGTV. Maybe we could get together sometime and have a little chair-covering hootenanny!

Lori said...

So cute!!! Hey Martha Stewart would say that you should have mix-matched chairs. Plus, if you are sitting in them you can't tell what they look like, right? Ha!

Beth Curtis said...

I love the table! uber cute.

runningfan said...

very fun!

MeL said...

I should have let you borrow ours since I HONESTLY can't remember the last time we ate dinner at it. We prefer the couch or floor option. At least for now before we have kiddos to instill the importance of family dinners in. :) Very cute though, nice work.

Staci said...

It looks incredible & I can't believe it was only 60bucks! I love it...and your folding chairs!

OH...the fabric you added to the 2 chairs is adorable. Cheers to some happy family dinners!

granny said...

Turned out awesome. I'm so impressed!