making progress

Dude, did I mention this year rocks?

I’ve been tryin’ to give myself a break & it’s totally liberating.

Funny how the Lord can fix everything, huh?

For me the journey is slow & not-so-steady, line upon line syle. I make so many mistakes & let fear so easily beset me.

The atonement fixes all of that, everyday.

It’s completely amazing.

For the first time seriously in. my. life, I am finally finding no reason to compare myself to others. There’s no point! God has helped me see that in a different light the past few weeks, and I am so thankful.

We are all beautifully unique. Born with varied circumstances, qualities, bodies, families, talents, struggles and gifts.

I believe that before we came here, we accepted different life-fulls of challenges to meet, burdens to carry, and crap to endure. I think we wanted to come to this earth, like, really bad. And God has given us a perfect plan to help us succeed.

Heavenly Father loves ALL his children the same. You, me, everyone.

There’s no standard you have to reach for his love. No mold you have to fit into perfectly. No bread making contest you have to win. No craft project that you have to make the cutest. No english paper you have to spell everything correctly on. [Thank heaven for that one.] No goal you have to meet at work. No size of jeans you have to fit into. No degree you have to have framed on your wall.

He just really loves us all the same.

And because he loves us so much, we can trust him completely.

“Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not.”

{D&C 6:36}

I’m finding that’s the most powerful tool in the shed these days. I’m not very good at usin’ it yet, but I’m striving to really do that….look unto Him in every. thought. doubt not. fear not.

His mercy is real, guys. I know it ‘cause I feel it. And I’ll share it because it is what makes me happy & keeps me sane.

Without him I am a little crazy,

but with him I feel truly loved, creative, whole, healed and calm.


runningfan said...

Amazing insight, girl! Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you're happy...and I LOVE your bangs. :)

Brandis said...

I had a horrible morning and this was exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for writing it and for being your just plain awesome self!

manders said...

i love angie dunn.
thank you!

Marie said...

Amen. You rock.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

You amaze me with your wisdom, girl...

Bonnie said...

Isn't it liberating to feel and think all the things you posted about? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Bonnie (Megan's mom)

granny said...

That made my mommy heart happy.

cori said...

i loved reading this. i need you in my life..really. thank you for being real.

and for reals...you.are.beatiful!

Marilyn said...

Awesome. This needs to be posted on my mirror to read every day.

Burgess said...

Teared up a few times reading this. SO true! I'm coming to the point in my life that I'm sick of not being happy about who I am. I'm ready to LOVE ME!

mademoisellechitchat said...

as usual, inspiring post! ;)

Natalie said...

this is beautiful, angie. you are beautiful! your blog is so refreshing. so uplifting. so inspiring. ALWAYS.

you always make me want to be a better person!

thank you!

Staci said...

Yes.WHO CARES cares about spelling, or jean size, or degree or...well, you put everything into perfect words!

We are HERE & THAT is what matters! Thanks Angie!!!

Kaytie Brown said...

Thanks ang... LOVE YA!!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

thanks for this Angie! i needed to read this today!

you are inspiring!

Sassy said...

You ALWAYS say things just perfectly and you ususally say what I wish I could say myself......you make my day so much better just by knowing you and being inspired by you......YOU ARE DA BOMB BABY!!!!!

Billie said...

I hope this is what you get to speak on in church!!! You have filled my heart today, like you often do when I read your blog! I'm grateful my sister knows you so I can be a stalker on your blog! Lucky me!!
Thank you Angie for being you!!

Vicki Johnson said...

You know this is profound. I hope you are remembering these things every day!! You have come so far. I really see it :)

Two of my favorite things to say to myself.

I AM Enough.


You are wonderful.