and o.m.goodness it's a-dorable.

i went today & died at it's cuteness.

after 7+ years of being a master stylist
somewhere else, audrey has decided to
venture out on her own.

namaste salon
{cutest name ever, right?}

her& kim decorated the
new place fabulously.

every detail perfect.

aud's services are impeccable too.
and her company - the best.

audrey is sweet and professional.
talented & responsible.
creative & kind.
gorgeous & loyal.

{i would highly recommend her.}

if you're lookin' for a hair girl,
a switch up
or some serious relaxation...
give her a call!

trust me-she's your woman.
[you won't be sorry...promise.]

from my heart to hers:
i just wish her all the
{happiness & success}
on her new journey.


granny said...

Go Audrey...good luck with your new adventure!

Coree Adams said...

Ditto to all of that! LOVE her and the new place!

joeyship said...

A Hindi greeting, right??? It IS beautiful. Not at all like the kitchen of the person that maintains my locks. Wish I lived closer.....

heather said...

Me too! I love Audrey & I know she is top notch at what she does! She's gonna do great!!

The Wizzle said...

It looks amazing! I hope it's a huge success.

Burgess said...


Burgess said...

We're having an online auction in February to raise more money for our Africa trip and Audrey's going to donate a haircut AND a gift bag full of products!!
I'm so excited!
Thanks for letting us know about her!

(and on a different note -- I will for sure be waiting for you after school on Monday so you can enter the raffle -- sorry I keep forgetting!)

Sassy said...

OH MY STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so stinkin' cute.....it is so me!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! I hope she has really great luck in her cute little place......AWESOME!