a list

today's favorites

remembering to return the redbox
so i don't have to pay 15 days worth of fees

olivia exclaiming,

drop-in costa vida
via audrey & nevaeh.

finishing all the laundry
like, sheets and everything.
*a first for me.

playing race car with the cart/my babes
in the parking lot at target.
{a strange tradition we have}

an 8 dollar car wash
w/ lemon scent.

being annoyed by
the loudness and repetitiveness
of the music at forever21....
and realizing i'm old.

homemade salsa &
fresh cantaloupe in the fridge.

successfully making it out of the house,
being social & having fun, like a big girl.

going in the closet and
discovering that myron changed the light bulb
that's been burned out for like, 3 weeks.


runningfan said...

Your number 10 would've been my number 1, just for the record.

Glad it was a happy day!

Sassy said...

You are somethin' else.....I love that she said 'HOLA' so cute....I love clean laundry...can't tell you the last time ALL of mine was clean....love homemade salsa and cantalope too......serously you are my idol!

Bev said...

Love #8....love your salsa. I'd ask for the recipe, but I know you'd probably then have to kill me, so if you won't give it up, I guess you'll just have to continue to make it for me for the rest of my life!! Cute, cute, cute post...but everything you do is, cute, cute, cute!!!

granny said...

Like Heidi, #10 was the winner for me. Can you say "acts of service?" Hahahahaha. Loved the whole list. I swear Liv started to say Gran the other day. Can't wait till she starts babbling. I heart you all.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

LOVE this list.

it reminded me that:

1) my poor little car needs to be washed. BAD.

2) i'm craving costa vida.

3) i need to return a movie

4) i'm not the only one who has a hard time doing ALL the laundry in one day :)

5) you are amazing

The Wizzle said...

I really, really do think that this is pretty much as good as it gets. I love days like that!

Staci said...

sounds like you have a lot to smile about!!!

Alison said...

Ooh, I want number 8.

Kaytie Brown said...

Oh neverending laundry... NOT my fav. I miss you and I am proud of you for eating eggs. For some reason I just had a flashback of you trying a cherry tomato (like 20 years ago) and almost dying in disgust. Don't ask. It just came to me. LOVE ya!