the day i became a mother

words just can't express
how grateful i am to be called mom.

today, i got to relive the same feeling
i had the day i became a mother.

which is, an intense testament that heavenly father
knows me & loves me.

motherhood has taught me so much already.
it is a privilege that i try not to take for granted.
it is a challenge and a joy.

happy mother's day to all the women in my life,
who nurture and build,
love and strengthen,
and better the world in their own way!
i love you.


Sassy said...


HooHoo said...

You have a gift for seeing the beauties and sharing in such an amazing way that we can feel your good strong spirit. Thank you sweet Angie.

granny said...

You are such a great momma and person. Love you (and thanks for coming and for all the goods you brought yesterday!)

Laurie said...

Beautifully put! Happy mother's day to you!

Bev said...

Lucky kids that can call you Mom!!

Coree Adams said...

I love this post.