info: schedges

a few of you asked via comment & email
how to print your own little schedule cards.

this is how i did it:
{i'm not tech/comp savvy so don't make fun of me.}

*hit up a microsoft word document on your computer.
*go to {file} page set-up
*under the margin tab, change all 4 of your margins to .1
*under the paper tab, change the dimensions of your doc to 4x6

*now that your document is all ready to go,
just type your information for the front of your card.
{copy mine or change it up!}

*switch up your fonts, font sizes,
and font colors to your liking.

*print the front in your top-loading ink jet printer.

*follow the same directions for the back of your card,
but you'll need to change your
document's orientation from portrait to landscape.

if this makes NO sense,
or you don't have a cooperating printer,
you just don't wanna bother
are still interested...

i put a few custom-print 30-day trial packs in my
etsy shop for your ordering pleasure.

{if you live here i can deliver & save you the shipping...}

*happy prioritizing!


Alison said...

Wait, what about those of us who get up at 5 and go to bed at 9?

Cyri said...

You are too cute, Angie! My planner is the size of a small textbook...but I wish it looked as cute as yours!

Unknown said...

these are presh. love!!

Emily Moffat said...

Yea! I'm happy to see inventory in your Etsy shop. I think you're super-talented, Angie. Of all the people I know, I think you're one of the best folks to be selling your genius crafty ideas!! Love you girl!

Amanda Jane said...

Um, I know you posted this weeks ago...but thanks to Google Reader I just got around to it. I loved the cute index card idea. I just transformed mine into a pocket-sized shopping list template and I love it, thanks for the idea. It's much appreciated.