something that works for me

as mentioned in my birthday post:
i am a recovering stress-o-holic.

my old self would make lists a marathon long.
*both on my brain & paper.

i'd make lists of:
things i needed to do.
things i wanted to do.
things i said yes to.

and then i'd glance at a daunting calender/planner full of commitments,
obligations, deadlines & projects and feel completely defeated & overwhelmed.

{i'd sigh a very loud, obnoxious heavy sigh.}

i would become paralyzed &
consequently get {whole lotta nothin'} done.

this little ritual has helped me
conquer that kinda perfectionism,
one day @ a time.

i printed these little daily schedges on these cheap little index cards.

everynight before i go to sleep i take 5 minutes {tops} & fill one out.
*i just plan out my next day.

i consult the calendar to kinda see what's coming up,
but i mainly focus on that particular day.

i only list things i really need/want to get done.
{and then all the extras & randoms i fill in spontaneously.}

i set
one priority for myself.

*there's normally like 10 priorities,
but i've learned that most things will wait. :)


when i wake up,
i consult my little schedule.

i'll slip my card in my purse throughout the day,
but i'm not married to it....fly by the seat of my pants style.

[[take today for instance: it's almost 11
& a tired, cranktastic liv went down for an early nap]]
*so we just modify.

on the back of the card i'll write a little lesson
i've learned or a mini enriching experience i had throughout the day.

i collect all my little cards in a safe place.
*it's beneficial to look back, from time to time.

i wouldn't say i'm like super productive girl now or anything...
[um, far from it, actually]
{i mean: let's get real-my priority today is grocery shopping...haha}
but i can safely say i enjoy life so, much, more now!

you see:
i've had to really learn that grocery shopping IS my priority, ya know?
taking care of my family is my god-given stewardship & my season right now.
it's taken a conscious effort to widdle down my wants & focus more on my needs.
*while still being able to indulge in facebook & the bachelorette! {*wink*}

not over-committing has been hard at times.
so this little system is something that helps that.

me & my nerdy cards
are livin' up the here&now, baby.

releasing my inner-crazy one index card at a time.


Laurie said...

You are awesome and inspirational. I love your daily list and lesson learned card. I easily stress out at night as I lay in bed thinking of the mounds of things I need to get done the next day. I definitely need to follow your example. And your handwriting is so cute!

granny said...

You da bomb diggity.

The*Evans*Family said...

Talk about cute index cards! I think my favorite part is that your bedtime is midnight. No wonder you aren't an early bird. :) I have to go to bed by 9p.m. Pathetic. You might as well start calling me granny.

I have your birthday gift. I just have to get my pregnant body out of the house to deliver it. I fear it might melt and I might melt right along with it. Seriously this baby needs to arrive. I can't handle pregnant + heat. Bad combo.

SRP...my bill went up too! Granted July is the freakin' hottest month of the year, so I think regardless of what I did July always does that with my bill. I just about had a stroke in the car when I opened it. Oh well. Happy July, right!?

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

i love this system. i think i have the same problem as you...i overcommit myself and try to fit WAY too much in a day! and it's hard for me to see what is REALLY a priority and what i just THINK is.

i love these little note cards. i might just steal them. only i'll be very jealous when i go to write on them and realize that my handwriting will NEVER be as cute as yours. :)

you are so cute!

The Garner Family said...

I LOVE this idea. Not only is it keeping you organized and productive but it is almost like a journal as well tracking things you learn and the events of each day!

Like everyone else said you have the cutest handwriting EVER. You should have it made into a font. It's adorable.

kathleen said...

great idea! How do you print them?

runningfan said...

Awesome idea! I love it!

Unknown said...

My favorite part is the lesson learned. Isn't that the point of life...to learn stuff? I think the best stuff comes from living, not reading. Even tho I've learned a whole lot from reading...it's so much more pertinent if you live it too. I think that's why the Personal Progress program is so cool: read about the concept in the scriptures, try it out, then write what you learned. You're a smart cookie to keep doing this as an adult!

The Wizzle said...

I love things that work! So much DOESN'T work, it is definitely worth celebrating when you find something that really does.

Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

Those will be such an AWESOME treasure for your children someday - a journal really!

Kate said...

I know it was just YOUR birthday, and that I haven't even shipped your gift yet-- but dude-- can those cards be my birfday present? Cause, let's be honest, I'm going to put off making my own 'til December. ;) Love you and your brilliance.

Sassy said...

Granny took the words right out of my mouth.......YOU ARE! What cute stinkin' cards and I agree waht a cute journal-ish thing you've got going.....leave it up to you to make a mundane thing like getting through your day...CUTE! Love it...I need to buy some cards and do that....you are such a great example!

onehm said...

This is such a smart thing to do! Once I get going again I am so doing this. I love your inspiring words about what you learned, and I think I need to work on my handwriting~ yours is DARLING!!

katie said...

looove this idea! wanna make some for me? haha! [like you need something else to add to your list, right?!]

ps-you still have the cutest writing evvvverrrrrrrr!