turn it up

{me and my when we were babies}

tonight i was in the mood to
start the playlist of a lifetime.

i entitled it:
"songs i will never, ever get sick of"
{ya know: those songs that you
can listen to on repeat over&over&over}

so far i have:

falling slowly {glen hasnard}
set the fire to the third bar {snow patrol}
true colors {glee}
hurt {nine inch nails}
sleeping in {the postal service}
rain {creed} *sad, but true
truthfully {lisa loeb}
all these things that i have done {the killers}
at the wake {the format}
i will follow you into the dark {death cab}
be okay {ingrid michealson}
you found me {the fray}
under the bridge {red hot chili peppers}
silent all these years {tori amos}
the world spins madly on {the weepies}

[check it: i heart youtube]

apparently chill/depressing is my genre.

what songs do you never, ever get sick of?


Holly said...

mm.. keep breathing. ingrid michaelson. it calms my troubled heart. :)
that thing you do! soundtrack. yeah, i know. it's expected of me.
and just as you said.. all these things that i've done. ILOVEIT.

yeah, we have the same taste in music. no big deal.

<3 ya :)

The Wizzle said...

Strangely enough, quite a few of those could make it onto my list too! I will totally do this for a blog tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. Or maybe never, because I am a lazy, lazy gall with no follow-through. But I want to, and that's what counts.

I was driving in Utah with our friends, and she had a mix CD in and I Will Follow You Into The Dark came on and I totally made everyone stop talking so I could listen to it, because I really do love it that much, and then I proclaimed that if it wasn't played at my funeral I would come back from the dead and play it myself. Then everyone got quiet. I think I scared them.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

i'm so excited you linked these. cuz i've never heard of some of them. and i'm sure i'll love them cuz i love the ones i have heard! love love love love.

my number one song of all time that i will never get sick of:

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Susan at sbe says the music I listen to always makes her sad, so welcome to the club!

Cassie said...

ABC by The Jackson 5.

My boys love to sing along to this one.