chloe news

-she had a "come-over" with her little friend today.
they played risk for 45 minutes {true story} and then dressed up & went around to every door in the house & pretended they were trick-or-treating.

-yesterday she told a random bearded man at the post office, "missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me."
it was hilarious.

-she informed me that her two best/imaginary friends, plemets & kelsey, are now BACK from their 8 week missions in hawaii, but unfortunately they now both have broken legs & arms.

-she insisted on eating all her meals & snacks today on a giant platter shaped like a fish.
it made me happy.

-i asked her what she did on her first day of preschool.
her response: "i drew a picture of me with a sad face standing all alone in the rain."

-she wants a unicorn pillowpet so badly.
she is currently earning one by refraining from sneaking into my bed during the night.
{i heart bribery.}

-everyday, without fail, she asks me if she can have an otterpop for breakfast.
*i say no.

-she was sad that granny had to pull out her zinnias because they were "decaying."

-she goes around telling everyone that abinadi got fired.

-i found this little video of her the other day & realized how quickly she is growing up.


The Wizzle said...

Those? were awesome. Too many funny things to fit in just one day! She is hilarious.

Jentry said...

oh em gee. hilarious. I love her!! can I have a "come-over" with Chloe?! haha... but seriously...

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

ahahaha how cute. loved reading those. made me laugh.

granny said...

I love how she calls it decaying. That apple video really influenced her, didn't it? Hahahaha...she is priceless.

Jamie said...

♥ her!
Addi & Karlee also want pillowpets & I quote "sooooo bad"! Addi came to me twice today and said to go to www.com to order now! Blasted commercial - after I've seen it a hundred times I kind off want one too.
BTW, saw them at AZ Mills on a Kiosk!

Kate said...

I think I'd like Chloe to be my best/not imaginary friend. Grief. She is the cutest.

runningfan said...

You win the cutest daughter contest every time....no more "participant" for you! :)

mamamuniz said...

I'm old, never heard of a pillow pet (before clicking your link to them!), but man are they cute. Love the stories of your children's cutness. It so nice for you to blog them, so years from now you will remember.

Burgess said...

Just wanted to say -- if she's not already taken -- Can we Please arrange a marriag bewteen Izzy and Chloe?

Staci said...

I might just try bribery to keep Parker out of our room at night! He knows he isn't allowed, so he sneaks in and lays on the floor, sometimes even under the bed & goes to sleep;) haha

Marie said...

My girls loved this post. Chloe is awesome.

Laura said...

Yay, Pillow Pets!! Our 7 year old had a "business" at a local park selling sodas and chips...she made $13 bucks in a few hrs and she is counting down the days until we go again so she can get a pillow pet!! She is sooo excited!! But bribery works well on the younger ones!!

Mitchellaneous said...

We have a couple of Pillow Pets here. Seriously, they rule. So soft, and pretty well constructed for as seen on TV jazz.

Oh, and Jett had an otter pop for breakfast. Then another on the way to church. You're saying that's wrong?