quality time

we don't get much time with our hardworking daddy these days.
he's super busy & works all kinds of crazy hours for us.
*he certainly takes one for the team. [day in & day out]

but, this afternoon he was home with us!

-we made fajitas for lunch.
-snuggled during a new-arrival netflixed pinkie pie movie.
-played and napped with cousin 'vaeh.
-and chlo' & her dad played a rousing 4-year-old-friendly game of risk.
*which was incredibly entertaining to listen to, btw.

libs was looking especially adorable for her daddy today as well...

myron is by far livy's {favorite}.
come to think of it, he's chloe's favorite too!

...and [most definitely] mine too.

we love you my.


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

why are your girls so stinkin' cute? they kill me. pure adorableness.

Kate said...

Troy asked me if I was baby-hungry tonight as I "aww how cute-d" at some baby clothes at Target. "Pretty much only when I read Angie's blog" is the answer. Because, let's be honest. I could just gobble them up. (In a non-digestive way, of course.)

Kate said...

Oh, and PS? Houndstooth skirt! TDF. Want one in grown-up size.

Bev said...

What's not to love......take good care of them and lucky for you all to get a "Daddy Day"!