joy in a white onesie

liv is the source of so many of my smiles.

i love:
*her foreign olivia-language.
*her chub that is disappearing by the day.
*her grin full of crazy toddler teeth.
*her wobbly run.
*her serious dancing skills.
*her obsession with water and bath time.
*her bright, beautiful eyes full of wonder & awesomeness.
*her cheerful laugh that fills our home with all kinds of happy.

and yes. i even love her crazy-destructive messes, and her occasional whining, and her obsession with stripping at the most inconvenient of times. i love her
not-awesome behavior at church & when she spills her dad's QT on the carpet. i even love that she's completely destroyed her crib by wood-chucking the entire railing.

i love all of those things.
because they remind me that she's mine for keeps.

what a gift.


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

We have "wood chuck" marks on our headboard... from a certain now 15 year old who thought he'd cut his teeth on it... and I still love him.

runningfan said...

I can't believe how much she has slimmed down since I have been gone! Crazy!

Lexi has done the same thing to her crib, which I painstakingly painted by hand before her birth....

granny said...

Wood chucking seems to run in the family. Maybe in the world family, but especially in ours. Love that Liv. Goodness, how I love her.

Unknown said...

Babies in onesies are my favorite! She is so adorable and at such a fun age. I can't believe how fast they grow!

The Wizzle said...

Aw, she's so grown up! All our little Dixon-ish girls are changing so quickly. Sniff.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

precious. she's is so stinkin' cute.

Bev said...

You are amazing....I love you and your little chicks, too!