saturday mornings are random

basically they are the best.
because we do whatever we feel like.....fly where the wind takes us-style.
{oh wait, i forgot: we do that everyday}

*so far this morn we have....

had a tea party for breakfast {oj, grapes, cantalope, cheese, cheerios & yogurt.}

folded the last load of weekend laundry {my friday night while myron was working was really exciting, can you tell??}

feng shui-ed the living room....{i diagonalled the love seat away from the window a little bit, thus trapping livy out of the tempting dvd towers. [i think it's cute.] but if it's really just tacky...don't tell me, because i'm keeping it this way until livy is 15.

went swimming {or in liv's case: skinny dipping} on the porch

missed on our hardworking daddy & then watched this hilarious video 4 times because it reminds us of him.


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

that looks like a fun and yummy tea party!

i miss those.

Jenn said...

Ang, that video was hilarious and way cute. Love your posts, they always make me smile.

Lori said...

Love your tea set . . . like dining with the Queen!

The video is priceless.

rachbechep said...

sounds like a good day to me!

granny said...