at the end of the day

i have 8 loads of folded laundry in my living room.
i am simply exhausted from a long, weird day.
i can now {sort of} laugh at the fact that i ran out of gas in the middle of my street this afternoon.

i am taking the good.
and throwing out the bad.
learning from the unpleasant.
celebrating the happy.

ready to live up the next 24 hours.
who's with me?


granny said...

me, me, I'm with you.

Bev said...

Live it up!! Oh heck yeah!! count me in........and I double love this post....you can make even laundry interesting and cute!

rachbechep said...

since you're on a laundry kick, want to do mine too??

ps. i'm with you!

The Wizzle said...

Aw, I didn't run out of gas today (although I have left so little gas in the car that David ran out the next time he drove it, before he could get to the gas station 1/4 mile away!) but I do have 5 folded loads of laundry in my living room. And I would have more if I would get off the dang computer.

Good luck tomorrow! It has to be better, right?

runningfan said...

Sorry about the weird and the unpleasant today! I'm glad you're able to rise above! Have a lovely Wednesday....

Leslie said...

I visited the DMV THREE times yesterday and I have 8 baskets of UNfolded laundry. Does that count as living it up? ;)

I'm with ya...today's gotta be better than yesterday.

The*Evans*Family said...

Now the trick is to get all the piles into the drawers. That's my issue. Matt always laughs at my "piles". I'm sure he'll talk about it at my funeral.