where does the time go?

this week i've been in the {fun!} process of packing up
my girls' summer tanks & shorts
& getting out the boxed-up leggings & sweaters & jeans & hoodies.

i put this chloe-hand-me-down dress/leggings set on olivia the other day
& it made me so happy.

because, the last time i remember someone wearing that outfit, was this day:

aka: livy's legit birth day.



granny said...

Ah, man, time is flying.

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

wow. presh.

runningfan said...

This is one of the really fun parts (for me) about having same-gender kids. I LOVE walks down memory lane!

granny said...

P.S. Those pictures of Olivia are sooooo cute.

The Wizzle said...

I *love* seeing the hand-me-downs resurface! It's so fun!

The*Evans*Family said...

Your girls are so dang cute! I'll put clothes on Blake that were once Carson's and it makes me happy.

We need to get together soon!

Durfee Family said...

I Loved having hand me downs for my kids! It was fun reliving memories of when each child wore that outfit! Then later I handed things down to nieces... still fun!

Your girls are beautiful!

Coree Adams said...

K that outfit is so freakin cute!

Sassy said...

love cutie patootie hand me downs............WHERE DOES THE TIME GO???????