1/2 way

there are three stages to most tasks i accomplish.

1. think/dream/plan it for approximately six months.
2. finally start the project.
3. take six months to finish.

*projects take about a year.
so does returning the netflix to the post office.
{but that's a whole 'nother post.}

i've had these old glass-less frames collecting dust in my garage...
so this weekend, on an angie-whim, i decided to spray them up.

i was originally gonna go with a bright color scheme,
but in the end: my pottery-barn-minded, simplistic-self
went with trusty black {glossy finish}.

i'm mostly pleased with the arrangement,
but i'm having a hard time choosing what to put in them.

*it'll probably take me six months to decide.

in the meantime, i'll go ahead & start 20 more projects.

{and the cycle will forever continue...}


granny said...

Holly has some frames like that in her room. Again. :)

lovinglife said...

Put vinyl words in them. That would be cute

The Wizzle said...

Ha, that is totally how projects go at my house too! Ask me how many years I have been planning a raised bed garden. Go on, do it.

heather said...

I always love it when people frame their kid's art.

runningfan said...

Super cute! I kinda like them empty. :)

Angie said...

I love the frames...super cute!
I have a REALLY random question. I have one of your page kits (from a long time ago) and am trying to figure out the fonts and colors so I can journal to match the title. It is a purple/green layout with the title friends. Do you know what I am talking about?! My email is ang721@hotmail.com...I can scan a picture of the layout if that would help.

amanda p. said...

maybe if I sent ya over those last adorable pics I took of your lovlies you'd be inspired!!! I=naughty!

Cadi said...

Great arrangement. I have a frame cluster I did about 6 months with about 15 or so frames. Still has the models in it from the manufacturer. Shees.
If you look at any arrangement too long- it can always seem 'not right'. It's just cuz you stare at it too long, I think. Looks great!
* I also love kids art framed. I also love fabric framed. Good luck!

J*a~{s}n°a said...

i totally love them empty, but I'm sure you will think of something that will make them look even better :)

Coree Adams said...

Love it! I have been wanting to do something similar, but apparently my projects taken even longer than yours do!