operation: fill the green barrel

this morning seemed like a perfect day to commence
yard work after ignoring it all summer.

still a little toasty out, but bearable.

i pretended i knew how to trim bushes. {i don't.}

i weeded a lot. [and there's still more.]

i sweateth like a man. {it was awesome.}

i quite enjoy digging in the dirt.

and it's a good thing, 'cause i have a lot more i want to do.


Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

good for you!

i don't do yard work.

i must be too lazy.

granny said...

Ah, digging in the dirt. My fave.

Emmy Z. said...

Livy's hair cut is so cute!

I'm kinda jealous about getting to plant flowers and other fun things... but really not jealous about yard work in general. I'm sure my day is coming. You go girl!

runningfan said...

Way to be productive, girl...even if you sweateth like a man. LOL.

Bev said...

Proud of ya......good therapy, so they say!~