awesome/not awesome

not awesome:

1. having a migraine
2. having a migraine that causes severe nausea & light-sensitivity
3. having to wake up despite said migraine because you have a responsibility of keeping 2 small humans alive

1. walking outside to perfection-weather/nirvana that makes you a. wish you owned a hammock, & b. hear bono singing "it's a beautiful day" in your head while driving your daughter to preschool

2. receiving a box of 4T {cute!} hand-me-down fall clothes in the mail. [thanks heidi!]

3. getting over your hatred for halloween & being in fun craft-mode & party-mood for all of october

per usual: awesome wins.


J*a~{s}n°a said...

cause you are awesome :)

cori said...

oh angie. that peps look good. and im a diet coke kinda girl.

you know that. i thought i would come check in on you, since i love you and came across some notes you sent me to cheer my days. thank you for everything you do for me.

you get off your feet. close your eyes...and blinds, and get rid of that headache.

i hope it goes away soon!

runningfan said...

It makes my heart happy to see Chloe in that outfit!! I'm glad the box had a few treasures.

Lisa said...

You are my favorite. No one takes me seriously when I tell them a pepsi and head ache meds are a perfect combo.

granny said...

Why didn't you call me????????

Cute awesome stuff, but the headache? I coulda shoulda woulda helped you, ya know.

rachbechep said...

your pepsi = my dr. pepper.

Bev said...

As usual.....amazing!! Glad awesome won!!

Kaytie Brown said...

I'm going to drive to your house in the dead of night and steal that super cute star creation (just so you know)

Coree Adams said...

LOVE that star! I know! How about everytime you make something adorable you make me a clone and I'll pay ya! Ok thanks! LOL