i hope everyone has a safe, happy halloween!

we celebrated last night & it was so much fun to be
with the adams fam & trick or treat a little.

so much fun-i forgot to take pictures.
[*this one is compliments of my brother's iphone.]

here are some highlights of the evening:

*sonic 50 cent corn dogs
*hitting up my alma mater trunk-or-treat & seeing old friends & their babies
*bryan's awesome, authentic mustache & remembering this
*livy not recognizing granny in her {cutest} where's waldo costume [my mom is adorable, ps.]
*strolling around a familiar/fun neighborhood in cool weather watching a "nice witch", a dragon & snow white excitedly run up to each door & yell "TRICKORTREAT!"
*being proud of my first born for being "so brave" at the scary houses/costumes [definite difference from last year]
*visiting prince eric & ariel's house {awesome costumes!}
*in-n-out with coree while the husbands watched the offspring
*olivia & bella being perfect little angels in their strollers the whole entire night
*putting the kids down & watching a scary show with myron & eating the *good* candy out of chloe's pink pumpkin


granny said...

Eating the "good" candy from Chloe's pumpkin? Hahahahaha. Sounds like you had a magical night. I'm glad!

rachbechep said...

sounds like fun!!

The Wizzle said...

Niiiiice. Any parent who doesn't snag the "good" candy has a lot to learn!

Coree Adams said...

It really was the perfect Halloween wasn't it? I am so in love with our Halloween Tradish...may it never end!