double rainbow

today i'm grateful for color.

color makes me happy.

*particularly hues of the bright, obnoxious variety.

a special shout out goes to my personal fave, hot pink.

[and orange, coming in @ a {very} close second.]


runningfan said...

The lady in the bright yellow shirt and red cardigan says, "Me too!"

granny said...

I'm dullsville today in black shirt and jeans. Love me anyway?

The Wizzle said...

You should come to my house - the kids just picked out an absolutely indecent bouquet of hot pink daisies at Costco and they're on my kitchen table. We all need sunglasses. Perfect!

rachbechep said...

amen to it all.

hot pink + orange = the best two colors. :)

•stephanie• said...

yay pink!

Alison said...

The "double rainbow" part made me laugh. Thanks. Oh, and me too.