love is spoken here

today i am grateful that i have a place to live.

{a home.}

*that i absolutely adore.

i am grateful for the generous people who have made it possible for me to live here.
{you know who you are.}
i pray every.single.day that they [truly] know what a gift/blessing it has been & continues to be for our family.
*and how much i appreciate them.

after leaving our home in gilbert, i have learned {through experience}
a house is just a house. *just a pile of bricks.

but [home] can be wherever you are planted & choose to bloom......

*whether it's an apartment, a 70's trailer in southern arizona, a bedroom at your parents house, a mansion, a temporary rental property....or anything in between.

i have learned to simplify [& live on less] and be totally content with it.

mostly i've learned that heavenly father knows us all by name.
he knows our fears and the affect our individual circumstances has on our hearts.
he knows what's around the corner.
he knows why. [*even when we are absolutely clueless!]
he puts angels in our lives to assist and support us.
he knows & wants what's very best for us.

i'm grateful for the experiences i've had over the last couple years that have [really] solidified that testimony within me.

i {know} that in my short life "i aint seen nothing yet" when it comes to trials,

*but i'm grateful to have experienced disappointment.

and then through being humbled-recognized that the lord is in charge.
{and through the refining power of the atonement, came out happier than i ever imagined i could be.}

i'm grateful to know that the lord really does
"make weak things become strong."

i am grateful that he is aware of me.

...a random girl who lives in a little house that she totally loves.


Mom2BJM(Amy) said...

YOu soooo smaht!

runningfan said...

Wise beyond your years, you are!

Two little lovebirds said...

Thanks for that Angie... I am totally struggling today, and I so needed that.

McMemories said...

Your posts are always so enlightening and real! LOVE it!!

granny said...

heart you...

Cadi said...

My sister always says:
"a home is where you hang you hat."
Great post. So true and so poignant in these trying times.

Bev said...

Home is the "best", not matter what the house is like! You're home is sweet and you can for sure feel the spirit there and hear the laughter of sweet little things running around!!

Sassy said...

I could copy and paste this whole post........I concur my friend!