sb-etc 4 life

today i'm grateful for my mini-part-time scrapbooking job.

i feel super fortunate to get paid for doing something i absolutely love. last night, after my class, i was thinking about what a gift it has been to have the job i do.

i'm particularly grateful for my boss, marti, who has allowed me the opportunity to work at her store for the last 10-ish years. being a part of her scrapbooks etc. team has enriched my life profoundly & shaped the person i am today.

i am grateful for all of the experiences i have had & amazing people i have met because of my job. customers over the years have turned into dear friends. i have been in close association with so many wonderful, diverse, fabulous women- during old school days of working the register & now, teaching a little class. i am so grateful for the familiar faces, smiles & sweet personalities of the women who attend my classes & regularly shop there.

and the employees. best group of girls on the planet. i love them all. they've seen me at my best & my worst & still help me and treat me kind anyway. i cherish the memories, conversations, and friendships i have shared with all the scrapbooks etc. employees over the years. *some are legit kindred spirits who will always [always] hold a special place in my heart.

i kinda grew up at scrapbooks etc. it was my first job. since then i've had boyfriends, gone to [a little] college, got married & had babies. i can remember teaching my first class & being {absolutely} terrified. looking back- i realize- i've definitely learned lots of life's lessons & evolved {code for chilled-out} a whole bunch during my time at the store.

as a mom, it's been a tricky-journey finding a happy medium....how to balance home-life & extracurricular scrapbook "work". i know i've blogged about being stressed about deadlines & being up to my eyeballs in kits....but i'm afraid i haven't blogged {enough} about how much i truly love & enjoy scrapbooking.

i'm grateful for the outlet that creating brings to my soul. i have my own little style that is kinda simple/boring & never changes, but it's
what i love. i love to express & share my talents. i love to feel inspired by others' ideas & genius.

scrapbooks etc. is a happy, uplifting place. i love making pages & designing pretty things there...but mostly i'm grateful for the people. they are the kind of people that have left me better than they found me.

so, everyone who i have met & gotten to know {even just a little bit}
through this awesome hobby/job/store,
thank you.

thank you-{from the bottom of my heart♥}.


runningfan said...

What a sweet post! I'm so glad you've found a happy corner of the world to share and grow. You sure make it a better place!

Emily, Julia, and Annie said...

Random that it was through SBE that we became friends, nevermind that we lived on the same street for like a million years. Love that you are one of the few people that I can talk tv with and you know most of the shows I watch! Love you!

Amy said...

I say DITTO to that whole post. I LOVE That store with all my heart and everyone that works there. I think about the good ol' days of working there and it puts a huge smile on my face. I am so glad that you and I became friends because of it! Love ya Ang!

Bev said...

I'm glad you've had that experience too......cuz I've been able to benefit from all your talents!! I love your "simple, boring, never changing style" (your words, not mine) and it's all new and beautiful to me!! I love every single thing you touch!!

Jenn said...

I 100% agree! I <3 and cherish all the memories we shared through S.B. ETC. I think most of all, we were blessed to be the beginnings of that 'little' store. There are still days I long to be there and I miss you all so much! xoxox

Two little lovebirds said...

I just blogged a little about my S.B. ETC experience last night. Your class made me feel so much better. And for the record 1- I adore our friendship that happened because of that place, and 2- I totally love your style!! Keep doing what you do cuz you have a bagillion fans who {heart} you!!

granny said...

I remember the first few days you would come home and cry because you felt so new and didn't know all the codes and the in's and out's of the register. You have come so far...and your style is just you. Love it/love you.

Jamie said...

{tear} - my feelings are the same! And you my dear friend have made me a better person. Pretty much Ang - you rock and I [♥] you!

manders said...

ditto. sbetc is where its at. and you are cute.

cheryl said...

SB Etc...Best job with the best people & best boss that I have EVER had! I too am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to work there for 8 years...for all the friends I made & people I met. So many great memories & such fun being a part of all of your many "milestones" I really miss that but I'm so glad that there are blogs & fb to keep in touch with everyone. Thanks Ang for blogging, for being so real...for being you! You are awesome :)

amy mo said...

So...now I kinda/sorta am dying to have a job there. I just came in a few days ago too! Love that place. And it smells good too.