who needs a roomba when you have an awesome husband?

today i am grateful for a husband who came home from work last night @ 11pm & noticed that i was a little bit overwhelmed. so, he went to walmart {at nearly midnight} & bought a vacuum [because ours broke on saturday] and started cleaning up.

i woke up to a clean family room & kitchen this morning & it made all the difference.

myron's not a hold-hands-buy-you-chocolate-and-roses kinda guy....but when it comes to the things that matter most.....he's right on the money. i'm so grateful for him & all he does for me. he's such a hard worker & sacrifices everything he has for me.

*i'm also grateful for a *hilarious* 4-year-old daughter that was in tears this morning because she wanted us to replace our broken vacuum with the "robot vacuum"....ya know-the roomba. haha. myron shot down all her hopes & dreams when he went with the bissell.


•stephanie• said...

roses wilt.
chocolate melts.
but vacuums?
they're forever!

J-mama said...

I am totally with Chloe, I want a roomba! I am afraid, however, it would suck up Julian's dirty socks in the first day. ;)

Lisa said...

I bet Roombas don't even work. And I bet they would get stuck in a corner. I've thought about this.

Jared first gift to me was a label maker. He told me from the beginning he would never buy me flowers. "They have no value."

Beth Curtis said...

that is SO sweet. I still want a Roomba though.

granny said...

Oh Myron, that is so perfect.

J*a~{s}n°a said...

Way to go Myron!!!

Marie said...

I'm glad your husband is as cool as you are.

Coree Adams said...

I can certainly appreciate that kind of husband...A LOT.