sweet & simple

tonight me & chloe decorated our little christmas tree together.

it was nothing short of pure christmas joy-
she got excited by every ornament, light, & sparkle.

i've pretty much decided that this year is going to be a simple christmas.

we're gonna have lots of fun together-but really {try} to control the stress & busy.
*nix the unnecessary & focus on the things that matter most.

...& a cozy, quiet evening at home, decking the halls with my four-year-old
was the perfect, most magical way of getting into that spirit.


The Wizzle said...

Simple is *always* better.

Your house looks so festive! I need to get on the decorating train before it leaves the station.

granny said...

Oh you guys are so cute!

onehm said...

These pictures make ME happy just looking at them! YAY for simplifying!!

Your pillows and curtains are to die for cute! I think I need a home tour one of these days!!! ;)

Bev said...

I totally enjoyed the unpacking of ever single ornament....and the pure delight in her sweet little face. Every one of them was her fav.....so cute! And.......what an adorable tree!!

mademoisellechitchat said...

Beautiful tree!

I have posted pics of mine on le blog.

rachbechep said...

i should've had chloe come help us decorate our tree...that would've been fun. :)

Sassy said...

LOVE............She would make any job fun I think!