{a happy reminder}

i'm mega busy
{getting ready for photo frenzy in a few hours}

but i just wanted to pop in
& remind you about:
"holly's headgear" boutique tonight!

my sis has created the. cutest. stuff.

seriously: she's so creative!

totally afforable...great christmas gift idea!!!

stop by, come & go style:

text/call/email me [angieinpink@gmail.com] if you need directions!!!

i know holly would love to see you!


anniebobannie said...

wish i had wings and could fly down!! I LOVE HER STUFF!!!!

Sassy said...

I love her headbands!!!!

Mitchellaneous said...

Very cute. She should have an esty store for those of us who can't get to her hood tonight.

The Roberts Family said...

man i wanted to go!!! i spaced it :( if she has stuff left over i want some!!

Holly said...

Spanks ang. You are da best!

Two little lovebirds said...

I had great plans last night.. her boutique, your class, then life happened and, well, I suck. I needed pages, I needed headbands. I am kinda upset.