yesterday was sort of a lame day-a series of unfortunate events, really.
so {today} i took what i like to call, "a mental health day."

mental health days [MHDs] are the best.
[i'd highly recommend them!]
because they're just code for chill & relax & do whatever.

i ran a few errands this morning & then told myron to take my car to work,
so that i'd be forced to stay home.

i played with my girls & we watched entirely too much tv.
i took a cat-nap {amidst the leaves} on the back lawn [in this delectable 80 degree weather.]
we had leftovers for dinner & i paid no attention to lists or chores. {*and it's obvious.}

it was kind of amazing.
i feel super refreshed.

i had enough time to just be still & focus.

i also had enough time to notice that i can not live another day with my ceiling fans being as disgustingly dusty as they are.

but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.


onehm said...

I desperately need a MHD, but it will have to wait until Thursday. I'm scheduled until then. :(
So glad that yours was so rewarding.

onehm said...

And holy cow if your Chloe doesn't look SO GROWN UP in these photos! WHOA! Your hubby better be working out so he can fend off the boys!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

good for you for taking a MHD!! you deserve it hot mama lol..and glad that you're waiting til tomorrow to dust the fans

rachbechep said...

i just did the dishes from saturday. and let me tell you...i baked A LOT this weekend. not doing anything today was awesome. glad it was for you, too! :)

runningfan said...

I was all geared up for a MHD, but just realized I'm hosting playgroup tomorrow. Hm....

granny said...

I'm so glad you got an MHD! Very, very good thing.

The Wizzle said...

MHDs are the best! I'm a big fan.

Megan said...

that sounds so relaxing! i can't wait to take one hopefully soon.. dumb finals. also, Chloe's skirt is adorable!! did you make it? i want one just like it in my size.

Durfee Family said...

YOU are so wise. I need a "don't sweat the small stuff" day. I feel like that is all I did today! blek!
Yeah for new days! (tomorrow)

The Roberts Family said...

sounds amazing!!

The Roberts Family said...

sounds amazing!!

The Roberts Family said...

sounds amazing!!