not on my A game

i made it to the post office today,
to drop off some christmas cheer for some out-of-town family & friends.

besides that, i can't really think of [one] productive thing i did.

unless you count:

*losing my keys in walgreens.
*accidentally spilling 1,000,000+ buttons & breaking the glass jars that contained them.
*mistaking the red mountain 202 for the santan 202, aka, wild goose chase of america.
*burning lunch.
*thinking i'm having a gall bladder attack, visiting web md, and then leaving the site 100% positive-i'm dying.

hmmm.....anything else?

nope, i think that pretty much covers it.

life is good-
just not on my A game today.


runningfan said...

Oh, Angie. Sorry for the bad day. However, you are hilarious. That should count for something!

Emily Moffat said...

The packages look good! I think any day that involves the post office is not an "A" sort of day--particularly at holiday time. Hope tomorrow's better!

The Wizzle said...

Oy, that sounds crappy. Hoping you've gotten it all out of your system!

granny said...

Um, we talked on the phone about all of the above EXCEPT the abdominal pain/dying? Excuse me?

Burgess said...

Don't EVER go to web md! I always leave that sight thinking I'm dying!

anniebobannie said...

you are hilarious!

Bev said...

hahahahahahaha! You crack me up.....but I don't like the gall bladder thing.....are you serious?