toy corner

to be honest,
i'm {always} a little thrilled about taking down the christmas decorations.

i mean i love the tree & lights & glitter,
but 3-ish weeks is plenty for me & then i tend to get a little claustrophobic.

this year, we replaced our tree with a toy corner for the babes.
we found a new home for the DVD's & outfitted our red wire rack w/ dollies & playskool goodness.

*finished off with the sweetest little vintage chair grandma overson let me snag from her home this weekend.

i love our new tiny space.
random-bright & kid-friendly is how we roll.

makes me so happy.


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

i do love the bright rainbow colors of the toy corner! mr. potato head is my fave and of course the Mrs.!lol and that little rocker chair...divine!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

love. love. love. love. love.

rachbechep said...

so cute! and so fun!

Unknown said...

What a fun space! I like the new blog-decor. Polka dots are my favorite. (Kind of like smiling is for Buddy the Elf.)

So...where do your DVDs live now? I'm all for taking them out of their cases and putting them in binders, but sweet DH is resisting that process & I haven't convinced him yet. :)

granny said...

Lookin' Good!

runningfan said...

Love it!

katie said...

love it! i love how bright and colorful toys are! and i love being organized! woohoo! [also, do you love the lalaloopsy doll?? paisley has three, and i think they're so cute!]

happy new year! it is another day, but i like the freshness of it too. :)

The Wizzle said...

I love to display toys too, it's like a rainbow explosion! What could be better?

P.S. I had a chair *exactly* like that when I was a kid, it still lives at my mom's house! It used to be my grandma's. <3

The Wizzle said...
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