how sweet the sound

we're about to say peace out to 2010, & so naturally,
i've kinda been reflecting what's gone down in the last 12 months of my existence.

and the consensus is: i've had {one of} the [most] blessed years of my life.
lots of soul searching & self discovering & defining moment-ish stuff has filled my days.

i definitely did not win the lottery, my pant size is still/forever-on cruise control, i still have awkwardly hard moments & i still, of course, battle personal worries/heartaches-just like everyone else.

but, i feel like i've gained some serious perspective this year that i didn't have previously.

overall, i've learned that my past behaviors, past perceptions of myself/others, past hurts & anxieties-even if it was just yesterday-does not have to define who i
choose to be today.

in other words,
each day, i
i can take a deep breath &
choose to start over.

and that whole process is made possible through repentance & our savior's grace.

if i had a word for 2010, it would be that:

i've been blessed to learn in very personal/sweet ways,
that jesus isn't just my judge, he is my friend.

really, truly believing & having faith-in that profound truth,
has made [all] the difference [in my little world] for me.

it encourages me move forward with hope & excitement for the future...

happy 2011!


runningfan said...

Beautiful reflections, my dear. Inspiring, as always! And I love your new blog look!

Britney {Jesses Girl} said...

i love your thoughts.

and...i'm reading this book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. You should check it out. Just from reading your blog posts...I'm pretty sure you'll love it as much as I do.

Coree Adams said...

you are beautiful in every single way...LOVE YOU!!!

granny said...

Great perspective, as usual. We can all use the reminders.

Bev said...

You so inspire me!!

KP said...

it sounds to me like you've found true happines and sometimes thats so hard to find, that inner-peace that we all long for.

thanks for sharing your experiences on your blog. it really up-lifts me! :)


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

true that! to everything you said...indeed jesus is our friend and thanks for reminding too (again)...pretty much what our life is for..to learn and learn :)