...and a happy new year...

i love the new year so much.

minus my dog barking at the fireworks.
& drunk driving.
oh, & confetti gives me anxiety.

i just love that {fresh start} feeling.

even though technically, it's just another day,
it still makes me happy to know that i've survived another 365 big ones.

i'm approaching this year similarly to the last.
no big list of resolutions for me.

2011 is going to be all about conscious living-
chillin' in the here & now.
one bite @ a time.

my theme for 2011 is going to be patterned off this amazing talk given by an apostle of my church.

in his talk he discusses the 5 elements of living a consecrated life: purity, work, respect for one's physical body, service & integrity.

each week, i'll be setting mini, attainable-yet-challenging, private goals for myself related to these principles.

ultimately, i'm just going to [try] to make better use of my time & talents & energy in this coming season.

i'm so excited about it-
i'm looking forward to a colorful, amazing, fulfilling 2011.

happy new year everyone!!


Coree Adams said...

GO 2011!!!

granny said...

Love your approach.

Durfee Family said...

Great idea!

Leslie said...

Excellent idea. Happy New YEar!

Alison said...

ooh, where'd you get that planner?