sleepy, but happy

what a fun day.
started my new year off by watching the sun rise in the brrrr.
had a mini date with the treadmill.
and started prepping the kitchen cupboards for paint!
i'm so excited!
and tired!
*you morning people are {crazy}!


runningfan said...

Were you up with a sick child? I'm trying to figure out why you would choose to see the sun rise. :)

Cute outfit, great inspirational board on your treadmill. Glad it was a happy day!

•stephanie• said...

please share your kitchen cupboard prepping tips.
i'm trying really hard to get brave enough to try.
that's about the only kitchen re-do i can afford right now!

Beth Curtis said...

I am excited to see how your oak paint job turns out. We are trying to buy a home with oak cabinets and were thinking about paint but don't know how it will look. I can't wait to see a finished product!

angiedunn said...

myron's step dad is a painter & is going to spray them! i'm just cleaning & sanding them.....i'll post before & afters when they're all done. :)

granny said...

Hm. At least I know you don't think I'm crazy.

The Wizzle said...

I can't wait to see your cabinets! If you can do it, maybe I can do it. :D

Sassy said...

New cabinet paint is ALWAYS so exciting....I'll bet they will be sooo cute!!! Your outfits ALWAYS look so cute and I love love love your inspiration board......as always you are my inspiration!!!