day of rest

church time changed to 8:30am today.
normally that'd be a [major] doozy for the dunns, but with kids-it rocks!
it requires more saturday-prep than we are accustomed, but we'll get used to it, eventually.
we were even almost, {almost} on time.
almost, sorta, k, not really.

i'm keepin' my same group of hilariously amazing sunday school kids for 2011.
we watched this video for part of our lesson. i love it so much!
so excited to study the life of christ/the new testament this year.

enjoy :)


runningfan said...

We thought morning church would be fabulous, but Lexi was a P-I-L-L. As usual. Must be the age and not the time! Oh well...

I'm teaching juniors and seniors (plus converts & investigators) for Sunday School. I'm kind of excited!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

amen sister! Jesus does LIVE! thanks for sharing the vid, i watched it just now. what a great start to the new year! hope your sunday school class went great!

granny said...

They must love you to keep you with the same kids! 'Course, what's not to love? Enjoy.

Vicki Johnson said...

Happy New Year lovely friend. What a sweet post, funny too. Those are some blessed kids.
I loved the video.
By the way Love the new blog look!

Alison said...

Oh, so not fair! I would love 8:30 church. We got 1pm. PLllbbbb!