hot totty

at the famous scrapbooks etc. secret santa gift exchange this year,
i was gifted this handmade lovely-from my dear friend, amy totty.

if you know amy totty, you know, she 100% amazing.
if you don't know amy totty, well, i kinda feel sorry for you. :)

i almost cried when i opened the present & beheld such awesomeness/thoughtfulness.
wait, maybe i did cry?

it is SO me.
i love.

she's the best & i smile every time i use my new purse.
aka, several times a day.

in celebration of such cuteness adorning my shoulder,
i thought it might be fun to document an uncensored photo of the contents of my purse:

can you spy:
my keys
myron's keys [remind me to tell myron i found his keys, k?]
my current read {re-reading it...love this book}
my fave lip gloss
sweet mint orbit [mmmm]
coconut berry lotion
2011 planner
my mail key
a barely charged cell phone
water bottle {i'm off the sauce}
netflix awaiting po drop-off
an empty wipe case minus a diaper because i am mother of the year


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

omg it is a super cute purse!
also, ok so that gum is my fave too. and i love that lipgloss, except my fave is the magenta mint (but same brand & style as yours!) :)

runningfan said...

Adorable purse! I love it!

And I'm totally envious that you can line up the contents in a neat and orderly fashion. My purse is OOC.

OOC, I tell you.

granny said...

That Amy is amazing. Lucky you!

The Wizzle said...

Oh, don't be so nice - the reason you never have any diapers or wipes is because every time i see you, I "borrow" one because I never have any!

Seriously, super cute purse. You have some talented friends!

Alison said...

Seriously! Where is that planner from? (Oh, and does amy need any more friends, because I love that purse and want her to teach me.)

Bev said...

You already know I want to steal that bag every single time I see it!!!! I'm in love!! Does she sell them? If I can't have it......you're the next person I would want to have it......you deserve something that makes you and me both so happy!!! I'm happy just looking at you with it!! LUCKY!!

onehm said...

That is the cutest. And I'm pretty sure she is one of the most talented people that I {don't} know. You can feel sorry for me.

{eleise} said...

i love this purse! it's super cute!

Sassy said...

OHHHHH MY STINKIN' STARS!!!!! Sooooo dang cute......YOU ARE LUCKY TO HAVE HER AS YOUR FRIEND and I do WISH SHE WAS MINE.......maybe you could put a good word in for me...hahahahaha