my current obsessions

monk [season 7]
ham & eggs with a sprinkle of cheddar {on toast}
my freshly painted kitchen cupboards [i'll share pictures soon!]
muse on pandora
faking i have a green thumb
learning from this book
pretending i hate sugar/like water
conference podcasts on my shuffle
teaching liv the peace sign
colgate maxfresh with mini breath strips/whitening, clean mint flavored toothpaste
saying, "because i'm the mom & i said so" and feeling legitly mother-ish


Bev said...

I wanna be you in the worst way!!! You always have so much fun!! You soooooo crack me up!!

Marie said...

Dear Angie,
You inspired me to kick my sugar addiction. I'm steering clear of the stuff until my birthday. (5 weeks)
FYI- I have a plan of action posted on my door. When I'm struggling, one thing to do is call or text you. So if it comes to that, don't let me do it!

granny said...

Um, that breakfast looked good. Go you. Here's to happy & healthy! It makes me smile when my kids say "I'm the mom." Love it.

runningfan said...

I think I'm making scrambled eggs for lunch because of you!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

love scrambled eggs w/cheese & better yet w/cheddar!
also, mint toothpaste, or anything mint is a super like!
you are funny girl!